Post Countdown 2.1.0

Allows to hide post and attachment contents until a specific date and time has been reached. Until that time, a countdown is shown.

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Post Countdown 2.1.0

Adds a new MyBB MyCode for hiding contents until a specified time and date of server.

This MyCode can be used to hide anything, including attachments until a specified date!

Example MyCode Usage: [countdown=01-01-2022 00:00]Hidden Contents[/countdown]

This will effectively hide the contents until newyear 2022 and show a countdown until reached!

Change Log

Version 2.1.0
- To upgrade, uninstall, overwrite files and reinstall and configure the plugin to suit your needs
- Hidden post countdown author will still see the hidden contents, while also seeing the timer (new templates)
- Added language files so the plugin can be translated for different language forums
- Improved plugin description in the admin control panel to contain links to the plugin settings

Version 2.0.1
- To upgrade, overwrite all files, no need to uninstall or deactivate.
- Added strict SQL mode compatibility


postcountdown_forums - forumselect: Enabled forums
In which forums should this plugin be enabled for?

postcountdown_groups - groupselect: Which usergroups are allowed to use this MyCode?
If not allowed, the MyCode will be shown as plain text and no contents will be hidden.

postcountdown_maxperpost - numeric: How many countdown MyCodes are allowed per post?
If a user passes this limit in one post, the next MyCodes will be ignored and shown as plain text. Set as -1 for unlimited.

postcountdown_timezone - text: Countdown Timezone
For example, Europe/London. Find out your timezone here:


postcountdown_post: This template allows you to customise the countdown message in forum posts.

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