My Giveaways 1.1.0

Let's an admin or moderator automatically randomly select a reply in a thread and mark as winner with additional actions

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My Giveaways 1.1.0

When creating giveaway contests, this plugin allows you to fairly and randomly select a winner from all the replies.

Reply with [giveaway] and the winner will be marked green, as well as their username will be shown in your post.

Additional actions are available, such as automatic private message to the user who won the contest and automatically locking the thread. These are optional and can be disabled if desired.

The templates for the private message and post mycode texts are all customisable inside the language files.

As a final plus, the plugin does NOT allow re-using the giveaway mycode once a winner has been chosen, to avoid unfair practices.

Change Log

Version 1.0.1
- To upgrade, overwrite all files, no need to uninstall or deactivate.
- Added strict SQL mode compatibility


giveaways_usergroups - groupselect: Usergroups allowed to make giveaways
Only these users will be able to make a giveaway.

giveaways_forums - forumselect: Forums allowed to make giveaways in
Giveaways can only be made in these selected forums

giveaways_pm - yesno: Send a private message to the winner?
If so, a private message will be sent to the winner after a giveaway has been completed

giveaways_lockthread - yesno: Lock thread when winner is chosen?
If so, the thread will be locked when the giveaway mycode is used

Extra Information

The colour of the reply of the winner (highlighting) can be modified in the headerinclude template. Modify the giveaways_green inside this template.

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