MyLandingPage 3.0.1

Creates a landing page that all visitors will see whenever they reach your website. They can dismiss the page using a customisable button. This page can contain tiles with images and text, which links to a specific article.

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MyLandingPage 3.0.1

Adds a new page that visitors will see as first page whenever visiting your community for the first time.

This page contains tiles of images, text and links. These tiles are configurable in the admin panel in order to link to categories or products to promote.

Once a user continues, the page won't be shown again until the next session. It is possible to link to this page from within your community. The page name is mylandingpage.php.

Change Log

Version 3.0.1
- To upgrade, overwrite all files, no need to uninstall or deactivate.
- Added strict SQL mode compatibility


mylandingpage_title - text: MyLandingPage Page Title
What should the page title be of the landing page? This will be shown on the top of the browser tab.

mylandingpage_other - page: An extra page in the administration panel to manage categories and items for the landing page.
The page is accessible from the plugins installation page on the MyBB Admin Panel.


mlp_header: This template contains the header of the landing page.

mlp_footer: This template contains the footer of the landing page.

mlp_item: This template contains the layout of one specific item to display in the landing page.

mlp_category: This template contains the layout of an entire category displayed on the landing page.

Extra Information

This plugin adds a cookie called mylandingpage_ok. Please make sure to mention this in your privacy or cookie policy for the specific regional laws. You are solely responsible for abiding by these rules.

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