Shouty Box 1.0.1

A very responsive and performance-optimised shoutbox for MyBB.

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Shouty Box 1.0.1

A very responsive and performance-optimised shoutbox for MyBB. Very easy to setup, once installed, a chat icon appears on the bottom right of your pages.

Build using React on top of MyBB APIs, Shouty Box allows for a user-centered fluid and fast experience.

Pressing this icon opens up the shouty box, which is a chat room for all your forum users.

Set up in the administration area who can use shouty box, can guests have read-only access? This can all be customised.

Specified administrator usergroups can moderate Shouty Box by deleting shouties. To do so, just click on a shoutie and click delete. Before you know it, the shoutie has already disappeared.

Not only is shouty box beautiful, but it is also optimised for maximal performance. After a configurable user idle time, shouty box automatically closes, to avoid fetching new user messages when the user is not using shouty box anymore. This can drastically improve performance as there could be users with shouty box open in many different pages.

Apart from idle timing, shouty box also only retrieves necessary data. When querying for new data, shouty box's caching system will avoid running database queries whenever possible. It will never retrieve a message twice. This results in less bandwidth and usage of the forum servers.

Includes language files and is fully compatible with multi-language forums.

Change Log

Version 1.0.1
- To Update: overwrite all files and re-activate the plugin. No shouties will be harmed during the process (all your shouties will be kept safely).
- Bugfix, in some specific cases Shouty Box did not appear on the page after installation, this is no longer the case


mmb_shoutybox_usergroups - groupselect: Usergroups allowed to read and send messages using shouty box
The users in these usergroups will have access to the shouty box. Note, this setting does not work for guest users, for guests, please use the below settings, guests can see shouty box?

mmb_shoutybox_usergroups_admin - groupselect: Administrator usergroups
Users in these groups will have advanced access to shouty box, the ability to delete shouties and so on.

mmb_shoutybox_guest - yesno: Can guests see shouty box?
If yes, guests will have read only access to the shouty box, if no, shouty box will be hidden until log in.

mmb_shoutybox_maxshouts - numeric: How many shouties can users see in shouty box?
If set to 30, users will see up to 30 shouties in the shouty box.

mmb_shoutybox_idle - numeric: Idle time in minutes before shouty box auto-closes.
Default 5, once 5 minutes have reached, if the shouty box is open, it will close itself. Users can re-open it by clicking the icon. Keep this low in order to avoid performance degradation. Once the shouty box is closed, it will not load any data from the servers anymore.

mmb_shoutybox_refresh - numeric: Messages refresh interval in milliseconds
Default 4000, meaning every 4 seconds it will search for any new messages. If you have a very large board and notice performance issues, set this value to higher. Setting this higher will improve server performance, but in turn will make users wait longer before they can see new shouties.

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