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Beginner Access Pack
1 Week

= € 2.43 / day

  • 1 week full access
  • to downloads and updates

  • To be used on max 1 forum

Essential Access Pack
3 months

= 0.31 / day

  • 3 months full access
  • to downloads and updates

  • Access to ModMyBB Support

  • To be used on max 1 forum

Royal Access Pack
1 year

= 0.15 / day

  • 12 months full access
  • to downloads and updates

  • Access to ModMyBB Support

  • To be used on max 2 forums
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Information Corner

What is the difference between the beginner pack and the essential pack?

The Beginner Pack only includes limited support. Unless you are a MyBB Pro, we strongly recommend the Essential Pack. The Essential Pack is a better investment, as it includes 3-month access instead of 1-week access, for a very similar price.

Do the plugins work with MyBB 1.9?

A lot of ModMyBB plugins already work with MyBB 1.9, however, we are actively working on making our plugins 1.9 compatible, so that your forum can be ready for the upgrade, as soon as MyBB 1.9 is available.

Can I request extra features on ModMyBB plugins?

We are open to feedback, we will listen closely to your feature requests. If the feature requests can be helpful for the ModMyBB community, and our planning allows us to, it will be accepted, planned in, and developed free of charge. This has happened many times for ModMyBB plugins.

If your feature request was not accepted, or cannot be planned on time for your own deadlines, you can always contact us for a custom development. We offer discount prices for changes made available to the ModMyBB community.

Which payment methods do you accept?

To keep you safe, PayPal is our payment provider. Any payment methods accepted by PayPal can be used.
This includes credit cards, PayPal balance, but depending on your country, bank transfers can also be accepted.

We do not offer Bitcoin payments at this time.

PayPal Acceptance Mark

Can I use the license for multiple forums?

The beginner and essential access pack come with a 1-forum license.
The Royal Access Pack, includes a 2-forum license.

Extra forum licenses can be purchased for 13 eur each in the licensing area.
You must have an active access pack in order to purchase extra forum licenses.

Are you a freelancer, working with many clients? Don't hesitate to ping us for bulk pricing!

What is the difference between an access pack and a forum license?

An access pack gives your account access to the ModMyBB plugins, and updates, for the chosen amount of time.
A forum license, allows your forum URL to install and make use of ModMyBB plugins. You can activate forum licenses after purchase of an access pack.

Access packs include 1- or 2-forum licenses.

Forum licenses can only be activated, or updated while you have an active access pack.

Is an invoice provided with my purchase?

Yes, invoices are provided for every order on ModMyBB, and are usually sent within 24 hours of purchase.
ModMyBB by CreateMyTech is a registered company.

Are you available for custom development?

Yes, we are! Ping us, preferably through messenger, and we'll be happy to help you out!

We work in four phases:

  1. Plan
    We will plan the development with you, in order to reach your desired deadlines.

  2. Design
    We will document, and design prototypes of the requested functionality. You will be able to give feedback, and sign off on the requirements and prototype before actual implementation.

  3. Implement
    We will implement the documented plugin, and ensure all our best practices and standards are applied.

  4. Install
    We will help you with the installation of the custom developed plugin.

We will make custom plugins to suit the exact needs of your forums.

I have another question.

We love to help MyBB enthusiasts, and their forums! Ping us through messenger, or by email, and we'll be happy to help you out!

We usually reply within 24 hours.

Send us a message